When & why: fairway woods

Whether you’re on the tee box looking at a tight fairway or on the fairway looking at a faraway green, do you listen to that little voice in your head telling you to take the fairway wood out? Decisions have to be made, but if you want to hit that club the decision is a lot easier…

Easy decision, more confidence and better course management...

Power gives us speed and, in turn, distance. A fairway wood that makes it as easy as possible to generate that power will let you swing with confidence and accuracy. Lynx has figured out the most effective way to do this.

Lynx Parallax fairway wood
Lynx Parallax fairway wood

The Parallax fairway woods are made with a two-piece BiTitanium head that makes the decision to pull out a fairway wood much easier as you know you’re getting an abundance of distance. Adding a power channel into that head simply takes this to another level, regardless of where you strike the ball on the clubface.

To give yourself an easy decision, more confidence and better course management, you can learn more about which of these models is best for you by clicking the button below.

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